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Hollywood Teamsters serve as the backbone to production. Representing the transportation, location, casting, catering department as well as animal trainers, wranglers and more, each of these classifications have agreements expiring with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers on July 31st, 2024 of this year. 

Our members are highly skilled and thrive in the unique challenges that come with making a movie or television show. There is a growing wage disparity in Hollywood set forth by how the employers value the work and time of our members. The long hours,  grueling production schedule and years of sacrifice crewmembers endure should make certain all are able to retire comfortably. The Studios and Streamers can afford it, and Hollywood crew are owed it. 


Our proposals to the AMPTP this negotiation cycle will be REASONABLE, REALISTIC and reflective of the RESPECT Hollywood Teamsters are owed. Our fight will be member driven and we are confident that our bargaining priorities can be accomplished in a way that keeps Hollywood moving.  

This will be a place for general updates and announcements as well as ways to get involved in this year’s contract fight. As this is a public forum, we will also be planning more in-depth updates via email and Zoom updates for our members as needed throughout this process. 




We are mobilizing our members to help plan actions, share information and SHOW UP for events that build our solidarity throughout the industry and labor movement at-large. 

If you are interested in getting involved, SIGN-UP below. 

Our Membership Action Team is essential in the development of our contract campaign, visibility of our fight this year and the strength of our members throughout Hollywood for years to come.

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